We have identified a list of 79 leading journals in the fields of Econometrics, Economics and Finance.

We provide a standard worldwide Top 100 ranking of economics schools based on publications in  a subset of the journals in the database, for the last five-year time period. This subset of 35 journals is based on Kalaitzidakis, P., T. Mamuneas, and T. Stengos (2003), "Rankings of academic journals and institutions in economics", Journal of the European Economic Association 1, 1346-1366, and on Kalaitzidakis et al. (2011), "An updated ranking of academic journals in economics", Canadian Journal of Economics 44, 1525-1538. This subset can be found on the "Ranking Sandbox" page  on the "include" list, under the "change" button.

1. The Journal of the European Economic Association was not covered by the ISI in 2004. 
2. The Econometrics Journal was not covered by ISI in 2004
3. There were no relevant publications in the Journal of Economic Literature in 2007
4. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity was not covered by the ISI in 2012

Standard ranking and individual rankings

In addition to the standard worldwide Top 100 ranking of economics schools mentioned above, it is also possible to create separate rankings or analyses on the "Ranking Sandbox" page, using a combination of any of the 79 journals in the database, or any combination of years between 1990 to the current year.This shows the contributions from each school for the selected journals and time period. The database can also be searched by continent or country.  If you click on a university, you will see a list of all publications attributed to that university, in the specified time period.


The source of the information used in this ranking is the ISI Web of Knowledge (v.4.6.).

Document types included

In this ranking only the document types 'article' and 'proceedings paper' (designated by Web of Knowledge) have been counted.

Journal weights

All of the 79 journals in the database have a weight of 1.0. But using the sandbox you can also choose to use the Impact Factor or Article Influence Score.

Period covered

The standard ranking covers a 5-year period.

Multiple authors

Authors' affiliations are those recorded at the time of the publication of the paper, not their current affiliation. There is no adjustment made for multiple authors. However, in the event where one or more authors are from the same institute, this institute has only been counted once in Web of Knowledge, and there are therefore no double points awarded to that institution.

In the event where there is no information to display in the selected combination, the name of the country or institute will remain grey.


In every ranking, choices must be made when establishing the rules of the game, and therefore there will be points of criticism in every ranking. For example, we do not correct for the size of the institutes. Doing so would quickly lead to large practical problems.


We have worked hard to ensure the accuracy of the information, but as with any project of this type, some errors may exist. If you believe there is an error in the information provided, please contact the administrator.