Welcome to the Tilburg University Top 100 of Economics Schools Research Ranking

At present, there is a worldwide ranking for Business schools, carried out by the University of Texas, Dallas (The UTD Top 100 Business School Research Rankings), and a Finance ranking carried out by Arizona State University. There is no current worldwide ranking for Economics schools comparable to that of the UT Dallas. Recognizing this, the CentER for Research in Economics and Business at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, decided to create a worldwide ranking for Economics schools.

Our database covers publications in 79 leading economics journals (see Journals for the list), since 2004. We provide a standard Top 100 of Economics schools, based on a subset of journals in the database, over a 5-year period. In the "sandbox" it is possible to create individual rankings using various combinations of all of the journals in the database, and to search the database by continent, by country, or per (individual) year.

If you click on a university, you will see a list of all publications attributed to that university, in the specified time period.

We have worked hard to ensure the accuracy of the information, but as with any project of this type, some errors may exist. If you believe there is an error in the information provided, please send specific information to the administrator.

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